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North of Stella was created to provide you with an eclectic & meaningful selection of jewelry at an affordable price. Lovers of history, mythology and symbolism, we are constantly on the look out for unique and inspired pieces that support makers and artisans around the world. 

Pieces are carefully curated from destinations around the world and are chosen carefully with our clientele in mind. 

The "vibe" in words: worldly. eclectic. historic, earthy, mythological, magical 

Examples of potential items: necklaces, rings, bracelets & cuffs made of stones, precious metals, crystals, charms, symbols, lockets, and other unique but timeless pieces.

Each piece has a story and we tell that story monthly on our website and blog. 

The items we adorn ourselves with can be powerful amulets when worn with intention and purpose. North of Stella provides eclectic & unique pieces curated with this in mind.

Expect to see a mix of golds, silvers, textiles, beads, crystals, stones & other earth inspired pieces. While we do ask your metal preference below, we cannot guarantee it will be accommodated to every month. 

Monthly subscriptions include FREE domestic shipping and $10 international!

*All pieces are vegan and cruelty free.

North of Stella - Monthly Delivery